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Collage About Me

The lavender is to represents my grandma, because she was an important part of me. The Sagittarius sign is my star and sun sign, while cancer is my moon sign and my rising sign is an Aries. The calico cat looks like my calico cat that I had and I love cats. Tik Tok is very addicting and I learn a lot of things on there, my account is @addict_to_coffee12. The wings and snakes are Greek mythology and my mom got me into that. And finally he 3 boy are twitch streamers that i love to watch, their youtubers as well; Dream, Georgenotfound, and SapNap.


this reminds me of a cyborg Dog in a movie but it looks cool


Element Of Composition


The way the Leaves leave shadows on one another makes it feel like your there.
The Daisies look pretty when you look at them.

What I learned about Camera Exposure

The lenses for the camera is based on how you use it. It also depends on how much lighting you have when using different lenses.